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With many years of experience and extensive knowledge of tax law, our tax professionals are dedicated to helping you and your business with preparing your federal and state tax returns. We prepare income tax returns for individuals and families, sole proprietorships, Limited Liability companies, C Corporations, S Corporations, Exempt Organizations, estates, and trusts.


We guarantee ​​to get you the largest refund possible. We can have our fees taken from your tax refund so you can get your taxes filed without paying any money to us today. Through our bank affiliates, you can also receive a refund advance of up to $6,000 within 24 hours of us filing your tax return.




Hire us to help you manage your company's payroll services. We will give you advice on best practices to make sure your company is in compliance with applicable federal and local laws and that your employees and contractors are paid correctly and in a timely manner. We will help you stay organized.


Tax Debt Resolution


Owing money to the IRS and having threats of liens, levies and collections can be very frustrating and stressful. Let us help you find the best relief for your tax debt problems. There are several options available for you to consider, including Offer in Compromise, Partial Payment Installment Agreement, Currently Non Collectible Status, and so on. We will help you decide.


In addition to income tax return preparation, our accountants will help you and your business stay financially organized. We can provide you with monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and analyses to help you reach your goals. We will prepare your cash-flow analysis and your profit-and-loss statement to help strengthen your financial standings.


We will handle your bookkeeping needs to help make tax time less stressful.​​ Helping you organize your income expenses and accounts will ensure that you maintain profitability.

Financial Planning


Financial services and building wealth is a product of making wise financial decisions and having great anticipation. Our experts will be glad to help you, your family, and your companies with the complex decisions you might face regarding your financial goals. We will help you foresee possible pitfalls and take advantage of savings and investment opportunities. 

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